Kirkwood Hospice

The OrganisationKirkwood Hospice

Kirkwood Hospice was opened in 1987 to provide specialist care, free of charge, to adults in Kirklees with advanced, progressive illnesses at any time from diagnosis to the end of life. Care and support is also provided for their families, friends and carers, both during the illness and after death.

The Opportunity

We had recently worked with the charity to help them with their data. Following a build-up of many years’ worth of data across multiple sites, they were able to report in-year for most of their needs. Reporting across years at a high financial level was possible, but slow and cumbersome. Reporting on sites, products, product categories, and understanding buyer behaviour and seasonal trends across years were key insights they were missing.

The Solution

Through connecting their different sources of data into a meaningful, logical data set, then combining this with powerful reporting tools to help slice the data into insight driven segments, the charity now has the ability to better understand the impact of their retail network, benchmark product sales, seasonal variations, and individual retail site performance compared to all sites.

The new insight has provided answers to questions regarding the data, which is helping the management team to understand its different stakeholder groups in ways not previously possible.

Hear from the client

The data is great.  We are also keeping it up to date so that we will have an ongoing record of performance and be able to analyse trends both historically and keep them up to date.  We are in the process of finalising a new strategy and intend using the data to map the trends of the shops targeted in the strategy as requiring improvement.  We will also be able to add new retail outlets and new retail ventures to compare the performance of existing units to new ones.  All exciting stuff!

Thanks again for all the work you did.

Garry Wilkinson, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Kirkwood Hospice

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