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DSG Auto Contracts – Delivering an excellent customer experience

The CompanyDSG Auto Contracts

DSG Auto Contracts has been delivering Absolute Excellence since 2003, during this time they have delivered over 6,000 vehicles to customers all over the UK. They are an award winning business based in Stockport with five staff, dedicated professional premises and plans to expand in 2016.

The Opportunity

With an annual increase in sales of 22% since working with All My Systems to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, DSG now wanted to push the system further by automating parts of the order to delivery process. This provides an opportunity to remove the reliance on human intervention to send out emails and reminders.

The number one objective? Provide a consistent customer experience to show to customers how highly valued their order is by DSG.

The Solution

In July 2015, All My Systems secured this second phase CRM project which saw the team further streamline internal business processes with best-practice automated workflows.

We worked closely with the DSG team to:

  • Understand their processes and suggest how they could be further improved
  • Provide frequent working prototypes of the system as it developed so they could see something tangible and make changes as required
  • Turn the complexity of detailed business requirements into the simplicity of visual process diagrams

The exciting part about these projects is uncovering the detail of what makes a process tick. This was a complex piece of work, involving 20 different emails and over 60 sub-processes which would be generated over a period of 3 weeks up to 9 months. It was crucial that they were triggered at the right time to provide the same experience as if a human had sent them.

This most recent DSG investment really cements All My Systems as a preferred business partner trusted to drive the business forward.

Hear from the client

Absolute excellence begins with delivering a consistently high level of customer experience which DSG continue to do. But as my business grows I want to ensure my team don’t have to rely on remembering to get things done. Our order to delivery process could take anything between 3 weeks to 9 months depending on the vehicle ordered. It was essential that we automated key parts of this process, and now our CRM system is doing a lot of the labour intensive work for us, providing time for my delivery team to add increased human value to our customer relationships.

I haven’t got time to run a successful business and an IT project. Once again, All My Systems kept the project pushing forward and delivered everything on-time, to pre-agreed deadlines.

Phil Kehoe, Managing Director


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