Central Networks and Technologies

The Company

Central Networks and Technologies was founded in 1991. They are an independent IT services and support supplier and have worked with over 1,200 organisations. They have a wide customer base from small firms, through to firms with established IT departments. Their strapline is helping build the foundations for your digital transformation

The Opportunity

Unlike many of our customers, Central Networks and Technologies already had Microsoft Dynamics 365 installed. Their challenge was how to improve user adoption and to move data from systems like Excel into Dynamics 365.

The Solution

Our challenge was to make the system more relevant to the company and to get people using the system quickly.

Our approach took two parts

  1. As a company who is very familiar with Microsoft technology, we wanted Central Networks and Technologies to be able to help themselves. Our super user training quickly got staff up to speed with Dynamics and showed them how to maintain and support the system. User training also helped all staff understand how the system would save them time on their daily tasks.
  2. We re-engineered their system to work better for the company
    • Quick restart of Dynamics 365
    • Improving how leads, opportunities, and quotes work in the system
    • Linked with Outlook, so emails and calendars are synced.
    • Integrated SharePoint for document storage
    • Built real-time business reporting system
    • Created dashboards to display analytics and reports

Hear from the customer

“We knew Dynamics was an excellent product and we could see how it would save us time in the company. We needed a third-party to help us to make the system work better and to get people to use it.”

“All My Systems user training gave us the confidence we needed to move away from Excel and rely on Dynamics. Once we made this change in mindset, we’ve started to see the benefits and we’re now thinking of new ways we can automate and save time using the system”

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