The Company

Avanta provide a complete office and warehouse interior design and installation service. Their clients include BP, IKEA, Go Outdoors, Next and P&O ferries.

The Opportunity

Avanta used a bespoke database to manage their day to day business processes. It was initially a great fit for the company’s needs, but as time passed it started to hold them back and become unreliable

  • The technology was outdated and had big limitations compared to more modern software
  • The system slowed down as more and more data was added – there was a fear of a major system failure
  • As the system was bespoke, maintenance and updates could only be performed by a small number of trained people
  • An upgrade had been commissioned, but progress was slow, and the new system wasn’t a great fit for Avanta

It was time for a new system

Avanta contacted us and we recommended a system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why Dynamics beats bespoke

  • Regular new features and improvements
  • Regular updates to keep your system safe and efficient
  • You’re not tied to the original supplier
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and many other systems
  • Easily scalable from tens to tens of thousands of users
  • As your business evolves, the system can easily be adapted to new ways of working and new processes

The Solution

We looked at how Avanta worked and designed a system using Dynamics 365 for Sales to complement their processes.

The solution included:

One centralised system to record

Additional custom features for

  • Plant hire
  • Extra work after orders are finalised
  • Invoice tracking
  • Rack Inspection Reports

and these Features of Dynamics 365

  • Integration with Avanta’s Office 365, so that, for example, Outlook correspondence can be tracked to customer records in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Simple to access on any device, from anywhere. For example, records can be updated whilst working on a project.
  • Excellent reporting tailored to each user’s needs.
  • Auto tasks and reminders to lessen the admin burden and reduce user error

Hear from the customer

Our existing system had become unreliable and there was an increasing fear that it would soon grind to a halt, or even fail completely.

We needed to end our reliance on bespoke software and move to a technology that would be flexible to grow with us and to ‘just work’

We looked at many solutions and providers, but All My Systems took our eye as they knew Dynamics inside out and had experience in our sector. Their proposal and demo won us over.  

The new system has been a great success both because of its features and the support and training that All My Systems provide.

In fact, since the original order, we’ve had new modules created to expand the system’s features even further. We’re looking forward to pushing the system even further to help streamline and automated our processes further.

Our CRM for warehouse fit out companies

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