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What will I do at AMS?

What kind of work does AMS do?

If you’re interested in working with us, here’s a run down on what we do

The work is varied. Very varied – you’ll have a job description, but it will embrace the classic “any other duties pertinent to the grade…”.

For example for a support analyst, you won’t be put in a boxes like:

  • Only providing tier 2 support
  • You are only a Junior BA/Consultant
  • Senior Consultants don’t do lower level work (we learn a lot from this)

If you enjoy working on different systems, different software/tech stacks, different sectors, with different people of varying technical skills, and having to think quickly about how to handle different situations…then you’ll like work at AMS.

Which types of systems do we work on?

  • CRM systems
  • Finance systems
  • ERP systems
  • Management systems
  • Bespoke databases
  • Access database
  • Paper based systems
  • Excel based systems

What technology and software do we work with?

  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Projects
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central 6. Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Power Automate
  • JavaScript and associated libraries
  • Word (expert level)
  • Excel (expert level)
  • PowerPoint
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Kingswaysoft
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • XRMToolbox

There are more, but this should give you a feel for the variety.

Which sectors so we work in?

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution e.g. oil and gas
  • Field Service
  • Membership
  • Not for Profit
  • Brokerage
  • Car Leasing
  • Software
  • Commercial and Industrial Fit out
  • Construction
  • Events Management
  • eCommerce

What types of people do we work with?

  • Business Owners
  • C-suite execs
  • Project Managers
  • Highly technical end users
  • End users
  • Less technical end users
  • Engineers
  • Finance teams
  • Directors

So you have potentially 15,552 different interactions at AMS! A wonderful variety, if you’ve got the right mindset.

Think of the soft skills you will practice daily – these make you better in your career and in your life.

Think of the business knowledge you will acquire – this will help you to have better conversations with stakeholders who will trust you and value your experience

Think of the technical skills you’ll craft over time. – this demonstrates your capability and helps you build stable, useful, usable systems

If it feels overwhelming but you want to be involved then we’ll help and support you on the journey.

We look forward to meeting you!


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