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What is it like to work at AMS?

This sums up our culture best…

These attitudes and behaviours have been created over time from the good, the bad, and
the ugly experiences we’ve had at AMS, plus our lives before AMS


There is one main behaviour behind all of this, one that we exhibit every day….

In fact, the behaviour starts when we are born and is accelerated when we start school. Sadly after school many people stop proactively doing it.

We’ve had people join the business who exhibited this behaviour in part, and they stayed for a while,
did some good work, picked up some great skills, and went on to further their careers elsewhere.

We’ve had other people who didn’t exhibit this behaviour, didn’t stay with the business long, and
didn’t make a positive impact.

We’ve then got people who are in the business and exhibit this behaviour every minute of every day.
I trust them implicitly:

  • They do great work
  • They communicate well across all mediums
  • Our clients enjoy working with them
  • They are positive
  • They challenge the status quo
  • They have considered 20 different ways of doing something and narrowed it down to a few viable options, and then been humble to ask for help about which is the best approach.

I am massively passionate about this behaviour, to the point where if I haven’t practiced it daily, my
day has fallen short…

What’s this behaviour?


We learn at All My Systems

New soft skills. New technology. New software. New ways of working. New methods of
communication. New industries/sectors. New formulae in Excel. New ways of shooting videos. New ways
of running the business.

It’s the heart of what we do

Understand how you learn, embrace it, and practice it. Then

  • You’ll be a better version of you everyday.
  • You’ll be fired up everyday.
  • You’ll make AMS a better business, a better place to work.
  • You’ll be investing in your life, and ultimately; how much you want to earn OR how much free time you would like to have.

Learning is key to everything.

We continue to learn our craft, improve ourselves, and that is fundamental to your journey with AMS.

Has life at AMS always been like this?

At times yes, at times no.

We’ve made many mistakes, but overall we’ve got more things right than wrong.

  • Have we employed support people and moved them into consultancy too soon? Yes
  • Have we employed sales people who over promised and under delivered? Yes
  • Have we brought in analysts who we didn’t train enough to handle different customers and scenarios? Yes
  • Have we put developers on projects that were not their suited to their skills and capabilities? Yes
  • Am I pleased about this? In the main, No, But in part Yes.

We wouldn’t have the business we have today without having gone through this pain.

And for those people on their career journey, they learned a lot about themselves, about their next move and what they really want to spend their time doing. Having seen how many have changed their roles several times since, it’s obviously common for these hiring and onboarding mistakes to happen.

The difference?
We learned.

The result is a stable business which produces great work, innovates and builds our IP.

We partner with our great client base, who constantly challenge us, provide interesting
and engaging work – and we grow as they grow.

Mark Pullar

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