Microsoft Dynamics 365 Email and Mail Merge Templates

Are you facing any CRM Email and Mail Merge templates challenges?

AMS Dynamics CRM templatesA shiny new implementation of Dynamics CRM often begins life with consistent and professional looking email and mail merge templates that align with your brand. Over time as your business use of CRM increases, you may start to experience the following problems:

  • Users are sending personalised email templates instead of using the corporate system templates
  • The number of templates has spread and is now full of confusing names without clarity as to what each template does and which template you should use
  • You want to bring the look of your templates in line with your recently updated company logo, strapline or brand
  • You want to be more innovative with the design of your email templates and use different styles and layouts to maximise the impact of your communications

How we can help with systematic email and mail merge template management…plus email analytics within CRM

We help businesses achieve a well-managed set of email and mail merge templates that they need to deliver a consistent message to their customers. To build on this, we also create professional looking HTML emails that continue the company brand through your CRM communications.

We also provide email analytics. Email analytics including email tracking means you’ll be able to analyse directly in CRM which emails your customers have opened and the links they have clicked on. This powerful information is available directly in CRM and will help you to understand your customers better and direct your marketing resources more effectively.

The next steps to improved email and mail merge templates

If you want to send out consistent looking communications to your prospects and customers and track how effective those have been, please contact us for further details.

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