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Already using a CRM?

How has your CRM journey been so far?

Businesses take a big step forward when they store their customer records in a centralised CRM system.

Unfortunately, businesses often realise the system doesn’t have the right functionality to help them grow. It may also have been heavily customised, affecting its performance, and user adoption may be low.

The next step is to review your business requirements and analyse what your CRM is currently doing compared to what you want it to do for your business.

You may decide to

  • Update and improve your existing CRM
  • Get another CRM which provides a better way to know your customers and grow your business.

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Poor integration with other business systems which affects productivity
  • Poor or inefficient integration with Microsoft Outlook – impacting collaboration
  • New business needs mean the design of your current CRM is no longer fit for purpose – affecting growth
  • Automation of processes is tough – affecting consistency of delivery and the customer experience
  • User adoption is low and the system is hard to use – affecting data quality and productivity
  • Meaningful reports are hard to run from CRM – affecting decision making and sales
  • The CRM doesn’t support a mobile workforce – impacting remote working

How we can help

These are just some of the issues we come across when working with CRM systems within businesses. We can support your business by analysing whether a re-implementation of your existing CRM would remove these issues, or whether a new CRM is needed.

We specialise in implementing and managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Some of the benefits it provides are:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. You can use CRM within Outlook, giving the user choice over their preferred platform
  • Powerful out of the box sales and customer service business process flows that provide a consistent user experience and improve data quality
  • Access to the right customer information at the right time across your workforce. Helping you and your team make data-driven decisions
  • Powerful and extendable embedded management reports and dashboards. These deliver immediate business and customer insight

Speak to one of our experienced technical sales managers about how to improve your experience with CRM

How CRM should be…

Hopefully the above video demonstrated the power of CRM, please contact us to discuss how we can be of help to your business


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