Do We Have To Pay For Support?

When it comes to support – you get what you pay for

Let me ask you a question. When your users have a problem, would you like them to have CRM support to service the customer better? I think you probably would do. For example, let’s say a user can’t get something to work in the system and it’s really important, but no one else is available to help. If they could have a professional conversation with a UK-based company, one that helps them guide through the system and provides some on-the-job training, this would be ideal.

Next question: If you have an important report to get out and you want someone to guide you through the process quickly and efficiently, is it worth paying for that kind of support? I think it is, because that report will likely be critical for a customer, your board, or another factor of your business.

So do you have to pay for CRM support? Of course not. Do you want to make sure that you have someone there to back you up and provide how-to support, questions, and instant management when you need it? As a growing business, you probably want that. If you want confidence in the daily processes of your business, you will want that support as well.

It is like everything out there – if you want to pay more for a good service, then you will get good service. Many companies out there offer a “Support” e-mail address to contact if you do not want to pay for CRM support that is fine, and they will may get back to you within four hours. That is great.

However, if it is three o’clock in the afternoon and you need that report, then four hours will take them to the next working day. In that case, you would probably prefer calling directly. That is why professional CRM support includes a help desk function. You will get your case raised, a ticket assigned, and a team who will look after that system for you. By a team, I do not just mean one person; if they are not available, that is a single point of failure. When a worthwhile support team is in place, other people can answer your question. These people can help you access different tiers of support if greater support is required.

So, do I think you should pay for CRM support? Of course I do, because it is a fundamental part of making sure your business is successful. It means that you do not need the IT or data support in-house if you have a trustworthy company providing that CRM support for you.

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