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C&C Fabrications

C and C fabrications

The Company

C&C Fabrications, provide high-quality, metal fabrication from consultation to design, manufacture and installation.

They pride themselves on thoroughly understanding the needs of customers and giving a first-class customer service.

The Opportunity

C&C Fabrications is growing at a rapid pace and are quickly outgrowing their current systems.

Their systems were causing frustration and wasting time in the business. For example

  • Triple keying orders into three systems (Excel, Access and Sage 50)
  • Not always following up on outstanding quotes
  • No IT disaster recovery plan in place
  • No clear business reporting. Hard to calculate the profitability of a job
  • Difficult communication between their two sites
  • Hard to see the work done on each quote and the figures against each quote. The system was reliant on everyone knowing each other’s jobs.
  • Stock management often inaccurate
  • Can’t access data away from the office via the cloud

The system was beginning to hold their growth back and a new fit-for-purpose system was needed.

The Solution

C&C Fabrications needed a solution which could fulfill their current needs better and importantly, scale in line with their ambitious growth targets.

We create a system which covered all their processes from sales to raising invoices.

The full end-to-end solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM covered sales, jobs, stock management, time-tracking, billing, finance integration, document generation and document storage.

We provided an array of powerful customised reporting tools including Power BI, dashboards, views and charts. We also provided a method of using Excel to let users examine data and produce business critical reports without moving data out of the system.

Users can access the system on mobiles or tablets away from the office, or even on the shop floor. This flexibility in access helps increase user adoption and improve data quality.

Hear from the customer

Until I stepped back and looked from a distance, I didn’t realise how inefficient our existing system had become. We needed to improve our systems if our growth targets were to be met.

Working with All My Systems was more than just about looking for a supplier of software, it was about finding a trusted partner who could examine our processes and make independent suggestions.

The new system is a whole change of approach and it was tough at first, but with excellent training and support we’re now seeing the benefits – and they’re big!

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