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AMS 3 Way Match

Automated three way matching for Business Central

Match invoices, purchase orders, and receipts intelligently - all in Business Central

What is three way matching?

Three-way matching is an accounting technique for verifying that a supplier invoice is valid.

When the accounts department receives an invoice from a supplier, they match:

  • The lines on the supplier invoice to the purchase order
  • The lines on the supplier invoice to the goods received receipt

This process ensures that only authorised purchases are paid. This helps reduce fraud and admin errors. Good three way matching prepares you for auditing and gives the team confidence in your numbers

Why is manual three way matching difficult?

We know three way matching is a good idea, but in practice there are difficulties

  • Labour intensive, particularly when discrepancies arise. This can lead to late payment fees and reputational damage
  • Slow during periods of high volume invoicing
  • It’s complex – there are many variables to juggle

Why implement three way matching ?

Drastically reduce invoice fraud

Slash invoice processing costs

Reduce errors

Save on late payment fees

How does automated matching work in Business Central?

All you have to do is sign off

Three way matching


The average cost to process an invoice

How can you implement automated 3 way matching in Business Central ?

You can do three way matching out of the box in Business Central, but there’s no automation or intelligent scanning or matching.

To get the best efficiency and time saving, we recommend these two extensions

Sales order processing


Document Capture

How three way matching works in Business Central

Compare out of the box Business Central, Zetadocs and Continia

Business Central without extensions - "out of the box"

How to do three way matching in Business Central with no third party customisations

Zetadocs - Sales Order Processing

Using the Zetadocs extension to run a three way match

Continia Document Capture

Using the Continia extension to run a three way match


of all businesses reported a payment fraud attack in 2021

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"Super efficiency!"

"Instead of manually entering every invoice we receive, we now automatically import all of our vendor invoices. They are automatically processed. We had to create a couple of templates before it was fully automatic, but this was quite fun work. Now it saves us a lot of time as we have almost nothing to enter manually!
No more boring work. We paid for a training session to discover all the features and possibilities. This saved a lot of time of finding stuff our for ourselves. We really like the solution"

"Really like it!"

"Really like the way registering incoming documents is integrated in Business Central and the link to my vendor and order data!"

"Entirely paperless"

"It really does make vendor invoices entirely paperless. No more keeping track of documents that were sent to employees for approval. An image of the document is automatically stored with the transaction and can be seen by anyone with authority to do so."

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Is it right for me?

These apps support both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The extensions are designed to be easy to use. If you can use Business Central you can set up three way matching yourself with these apps. If you need a hand with the set up, just ask us.

There are two charges to consider. The initial install to your system and the licence fee.

The licence charge per user changes based on the number of Business Central users you have. 

Please get in touch and we’ll give you a quick cost estimate for your company

You can choose between an annual or monthly commitment. Annual commitments are around 16% cheaper

Yes, we have a support department which can be used for issues, training and modifications.


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Source: CNBC

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