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Custom Fields for BUSINESS CENTRAL

Extend your data fields in Business Central - easily

Customize your system to fit your products and processes

Don't be limited by Business Central's built-in data fields and metadata

Structure your data now, exactly how your business and your customers need it.
Make master data and product information management (PIM) a breeze
Custom field examples

Fewer customer and colleague queries

Store rich and relevant information against customers, vendors and item records. The information is only shown in the correct context to inform and not distract.

Save development money

Improve your system yourself – no coding needed

Happy customers

Give them the best, relevant information, and in their own language

Streamline processes

Speed data input and editing, saving valuable admin time

Help your business grow

Change and extend your data structure as your business changes

What are the benefits of the Master Data extension?

Set custom metadata on items

Size, shape, colour - whatever you like. All done via a simple interface. No coding needed

Edit in bulk

View items in an editable list and vastly speed up editing time.

Move metadata between tables

Add item data to invoices, but not orders. Add customer data to orders. You have the flexibility to choose where data appears.

Intelligent language switching

Automatically send documents in your customers' preferred language.

Create your own hierarchy

Standardise your item data across departments

Associate files with items

Attach manuals, warranties and other important documents to items automatically without having to manually input

Edit data in Excel

Sometimes it's easier to handle data in Excel. Now you can open data in Excel, edit and then submit the changes back to Business Central. Easy

View data how you like it

With custom data views in an Information Matrix, you'll save time moving from record to record

Use time saving templates

Create reusable templates to make creating new items far simpler and more consistent

All without needing a developer

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What people say...

"It's really improved our workflows and made it easier to put attribute straight on the item."

"This app helped us, with adding a lot of extra information on Vendors, Customers, Items and BOMs - feels almost like extra fields that we can create without any developers 🙂 Used it in Danish, and added translations in English and German. *Great*"

"I'm impressed how much this can be used for"

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Sales data to invoice

Your sales rep adds important notes about a customer. This data can now flow through to orders and invoices. You can choose to display the info to the customer on posted documents like invoices and shipment notes.

Sell Items with the correct info

Associate manuals, terms & conditions, warranties, and more to each item. Now salespeople can be sure customers will receive the right information with their product

Use Business Central for market segmentation

Because we can define all types of meta information, we can make this available to marketing users. They can use the information matrix part of the extension to view and edit metadata which can them be used to segment an audience

The database admin team can bulk edit

When a global change is needed - like a product category change or a name change, your IT team can easily bulk update items without external development help.

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Is it right for me?

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

No, the extension is designed to be easy to use. If you can use Business Central you can easily create new custom fields with this app. 

There are two charges to consider. The initial install to your system and the licence fee.

The licence charge per user changes based on the number of Business Central users you have. 

Please get in touch and we’ll give you a quick cost estimate for your company

You can choose between an annual or monthly commitment. Annual commitments are around 16% cheaper

Yes, we have a support department which can be used for issues, training and modifications.

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