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Managed Print business owners who want to manage sales better
, discover…

A Unique System To Help Managed Print Companies Sell More

I’d like to introduce AMS Managed Print, a system built specifically for the managed print sector.

The system was built by sales people, for sales people, combining 12 years of industry knowledge and 800 hours R&D.

Read on and I’ll explain how you can sell more, get more customers and make more money.

What Would A Proper Sales  System Do For YOUR Business… ?

Hi, my name is Mark Pullar

I’m the founder of All My Systems and over the course of my business life, I’ve seen time and time again, the impact that having the right systems has on helping a small business succeed. Conversely, I’ve also seen just as many examples of when the wrong systems:
  • Hold a business back.
  • Frustrate the sales team who don’t want to use the system.
  • Waste time duplicating data.
  • Deliver a poor customer experience.
My role is to help businesses to sort their business systems out. Properly… In fact it’s more than my role, …helping your business is my mission! .

Properly. What does that really mean?

It means:

  • The right system for your business that is reliable, secure and trusted
  • A system that’s scalable as you grow over the next 10 years
  • A system that your team have been trained to use – and enjoy using – because it makes their life easier

So what about AMS Managed Print?

When we built the system, our aims were
  • To make it quick and easy for a sales person to enter data
  • To help management get all the reporting they need
  • To help the business secure more new customers and make more money
  • To scale with the business

Meet James, a Managed Print industry expert

Let me introduce James Sutherland. James has worked in Managed Print for over 12 years. He’s been a sales person, a sales manager, and finally a sales director He knows managed print, inside out. He’s felt 12 years of pain working with managed print companies who never had the right systems James and I got together in 2017 to build a dedicated CRM system for the managed print industry James used his knowledge of how sales people and processes work in managed print. With James’ knowledge of suppliers, products, competitors and my business systems experience, we built a dedicated system for managed print companies. A proper sales system, built by a sales person, for sales people. To make sure we did it properly, we worked with a managed print company to build it. Makes sense, right? If we build a sales system that companies tell us they love, then we know we’ve got something special to share with other companies. When we demoed it to managed print companies, what was their response? They loved it. They’d never seen anything like it before. They saw how a proper sales system could transform their business.

So how is this different?

AMS Managed Print is designed around a sales person’s day – to make it as easy as possible for them to use, and to actually help them make sales.

The sales features include:

  • Lead assignment
  • Lead qualification tool
  • Extensive product catalogue
  • Designed around a gross profit model
  • Lease calculator
  • Automated sales order processing
  • Automatic MIF (Machines in Field) record creation
  • Dynamic and live settlement calculators (for lease and service plans)

AMS Managed Print: Helps you sell more

  • Manage sales data anytime, anywhere, on the web, mobile app or tablet
  • Clearly see where in your sales cycle your leads are and your next steps
  • Record all communication with your prospects, so you’ll never hunt for emails again
  • Use deal sheets based on Miller Heiman Blue Sheets, promoting strategic selling
  • Keep track of competitor MIFs and lease end dates so you can contact prospects at the right time.
  • Pull up powerful reports to help manage workloads
  • Quickly calculate lease values to see where you can improve on competitor offers and increase the chances of a sale
  • Reduce sales order errors by automating the process. Never order the wrong fax board again, or miscalculate the GP because the cost of an accessory has been missed

AMS Managed Print: Helps you make more money

  • The system is built on a gross profit model which matches how the industry operates. Stack the deal up by selecting your devices, accessories, service settlement and the system calculates the lease payments and everything you need
  • Record proposed cost per copies at the opportunity stage and speed up the sales order process with the order information all calculated
  • Focus on deals with higher gross profit to strengthen your business and improve your cashflow
  • Slice and dice your data to identify deals where
    • You’re being undersold
    • The wrong solutions are being offered
    • Your costs are increasing
    • Your margins being squeezed
  • Identify which machines you’re selling most of, so you’re in a better position to negotiate with suppliers

 I can buy a system like this myself, so why should I choose All My Systems?

If you haven’t been burned by a software project before then you’ll likely have spoken to one or more people who have.

We don’t want this to happen to you.

So, how do we make sure our projects succeed?

Best implementation ever – we involve the whole team, so they can see exactly what’s in it for them. Management buy in throughout and regular check ins to make sure that everything is on track.

World class training delivered by a professional trainer who understands how people learn.

Dedicated support so the team feel comfortable asking for help when they need it and have confidence in using the system after go-live. We want companies to feel like they’re a part of our team. It’s a partnership.

Nurturing the system by making sure

  • people are using it properly
  • the reports are being acted on
  • data quality is high
  • system improvements are discussed and worked on
  • that changes in the business are reflected in the system

Let me introduce our very open and honest sales process

Firstly, we meet up with a no obligation meeting.

Here you’ll meet one of our experts who will learn more about your business and:

  1. What your definition of “to properly succeed” is, and
  2. What you want to achieve in your business

We’ll show you, your managers and your team the system – so you can see exactly what all the fuss is about.

Call 01422 824831 to book that 1st meeting, or email

I appreciate you reading this far, thanks for your time

Speak soon

Mark Pullar, Founder, All My Systems

P.S – AN INDUSTRY FIRST. There has never before been a sales system like this built for the managed print industry. We’re pushing this amazing product hard into your industry, so be one of the first to get the edge over your competition

So call 01422 824831 to book that first meeting, or email